Welcome to our independent, private, family medicine office.  Our traditional family practice setting is maintained while utilizing evidence based care from our clinical team as well as support for self-management of your health and health care.


We are currently working with our health care system to minimize spread of Covid-19 disease.  We have implemented telehealth capabilities for our office and are encouraging telemedicine visits for all respiratory infections at this time. We can accommodate many other visit types with both in office and telemedicine to help keep our patients from coming in contact with the virus.  Please contact our office at 303-776-6872 to arrange an appointment.

2022 Fall Newsletter

We are partnering with RxLive.  RxLive is a personalized telehealth service that connects patients and expert clinical pharmacists in a secure, private and convenient way.  Patients will learn ways to make their medication regimen more efficient and effective, save money and avoid side effects and potential medication interactions.  If your provider thinks this service would be helpful to you, the RxLive team may contact you via mail, phone or test.  You can make an appointment with an RxLive clinical pharmacist by calling 1-866-234-4974 or by clicking here.





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Practice Mission:  To improve every patient’s health through prevention and personal collaboration. 

Practice Vision:  To alleviate health concerns for patients so that they can focus on the pursuit of happiness.