Dry/Eczema Skin Care

Increase Fluid Intake:
Living in a dry climate, our bodies loose moisture by evaporation into the environment. This is just one way our bodies utilize water. It is important for us to replace that fluid. You should be drinking a minimum of 8 8oz glasses of water on a daily basis. Caffeine is actually a diuretic (makes you loose water), and therefore you should not count caffeinated beverages in your fluids for the day.

Turn Down the Temperature of Your Shower:
Hot water in the shower actually causes our bodies to loose more of the moisture stored in the skin. This moisture is lost by increased evaporation, when our pores are opened wide by heat. By turning down the temperature of your shower as much as you comfortably can, you will aid your body in maintaining its hydration.

Avoid Use of Soap:
Soap, no matter what form, is by its chemical nature, a drying agent to our skin. Soap is important, granted. On a routine basis, it is helpful to our skin if we only soap the parts that need it. For example, use soap under your arms and between your legs during day to day bathing. A good mild soap that may be helpful is Cetaphil.

Slather Yourself with Lotion After Bathing:
Lotions are oil based. They help seal the moisture into the skin, especially after bathing. When you are done showering, pat yourself dry and cover yourself head to toe with a heavy lotion or cream. Some brand names that you may find helpful are: Eucerine, Lubriderm for Dry Skin, Curel, Aveeno.

Increase the Humidity in Your Home:
By increasing the humidity of the environment around us, we decrease the amount of moisture lost by our bodies through evaporation. Obviously we cannot change the climate in Colorado! But we can change the climate in our homes. It is helpful to add a humidifier to your home. This can be a small portable humidifier. Alternatively, you can have a humidifier added to your furnace.